How to Make Money Playing Satellite Poker Tournaments

Most poker players more satellites see if it is a tournament they want to qualify. But if you are a tournament player, there is big money at stake online satellite and often live satellite large-scale events, as well as the WSOP or WPT at the Bellagio and such.
For now, let’s take a look at the online satellites.
Each poker site offers a variety of satellites for a variety of tournaments. One key is that you are paid an entry to a larger tournament buy-in, if he wins the satellite. However, you can “unregister” for the biggest tournament win. According to the site, usually are kind of dollar bills or tournament to your account and you can use this money to play another tournament at any time. Not playing in the tournament he won the satellite.
You can not cash out cash tournament, but can be used in tournaments, pay cash and can be used at any time to participate, no time expiration. In other words, you can earn 10 satellites for the same tournament and only all the money in the bank for later use in their free time in the game you can win real money. There is a lot of leverage on your money.
I often love a satellite format and play again and again. A few weeks ago in PStars, I played a satellite found $ 55 for a $ 216 in I in 4 of them and managed to get every time, so my investment was $ 220 and my gross income was $ 864 I get a good profit of $ 644th
Plus you do not have to win a satellite, only to end up in the top positions. So if you have not had a very good tournament and I had a shot at the final table was played on, this does not mean that no matter how long I was in outcome between the first 20, 30 or that is this tournament. You have to master, however, only “good enough” finish
One trick is to select the right tournaments to play. Stay away satellite, where 800 people playing for 20 available seats. These are difficult and usually are very low compared to buying rate set: something like $ 5.50 for a $ 216 seat is usually too many players spend a few places. The odds of winning a seat are not good enough.
I usually find a quiet corner in the middle of the level type entries, $ 55 per seat or $ 240 for a $ 7.70 seat $ 55, and so on. I think even for a larger number of security points in the number of entries for the tournament to look beyond. PStars last week, I found a tournament that was costing me $ 16.50 for a $ 55. There were 20 seats guaranteed and had about 30-35 players participate in each tournament. Chances are pretty good, and earned a place in the five tournaments I played Please seek this type of satellite instead of long shots.
It takes some time to go through hundreds of satellite tournaments available sites.However browse online if you know what you want, it can be very profitable to spend your money and is relatively easy to do.

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